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The Best Modern Furniture Stores in Los Angeles

If you are keen on living in the house where everything from a spoon to an armoire is modern and hi-tech, you need to find the best LA shop offering the widest variety of such products. That could be a challenging task to do but not impossible; basically, you’ll have to deal with either a selling-modern-furniture-only store or a chain that will offer everything. Read more »

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Wall Decor and More Interiors

Show off the personality of your home with Wall Décor and More Interiors, offering one-on-one attention for all your decorating needs. Their design team staff will bring knowledge and experience of the industry to create a look for your home that fits your personality and lifestyle. From start to finish, their full-service professional design team will make your house a home in a one-stop shop approach. Read more »

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Brian’s Furniture

A garden, specifically a water garden, can speak to our spirit and help bring a sense of peace, order and harmony into our lives—even as March roars in like a lion, bringing wind gusts and torrential downpours to our beautiful state. Do you need ideas to establish your own water garden? You need not look any further than Brian’s Furniture, located in historic downtown Port Allen. You will know you have come to the right place when Brian Fourroux greets you. His warm smile and friendly, down home approach make searching for just the right urn or sugar kettle worth the drive. Plan on spending an afternoon, for his inventory is vast and the quality unmatched, including interesting and unique statuary. Brian will also give you a bit of history about the place and items located within—no extra charge! Read more »

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Pippin McGee

When Kim Crouchet of Lafayette was pregnant with her first child, she found that it was difficult to locate quality baby furniture and accessories easily. “It was hard to find things that I liked, and even harder to get someone to explain the details of the product. When you are talking about your kids, you want to be able to trust the product.” Soon after giving birth to her second child, she opened Pippin McGee, a children’s comprehensive furniture and accessory store. Read more »

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De Madera

It is all the customers’ fault. It was the customers who caused De Madera to be open seven days a week. “We originally used our building to store our furniture,” admits co-founder Joel Davis. “We were only open three days a week; Saturday, Sunday and Monday. People saw our furniture through our windows and started to knock on the door. We had to open our doors seven days a week instead.” Read more »

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Christian Street Furniture

Want to find eclectic, innovational, solid hardwood furniture that is hand made? Then, Christian Street Furniture is the place to go. “We have a wide variety of one of a kind pieces and since they are hand made, chances are you won’t see an identical piece anywhere,” says Louis Schaff the general manager. The design of the furniture is so flexible that the same piece would look great in a traditional setting or in a home that has a more modern flare. Although most of the furniture is new, they also have furniture that can claim a piece of history. Read more »

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Bedroom Galleries from Cordell

Few of us realize that we spend about one third of our lives in our bedrooms. It is what we see the first thing in the morning and last at night. For those two reasons alone it should be the room that best expresses our most intimate and personal preferences. Luxurious or sparse, romantic, cozy, or dramatic are all appropriate bedroom styles so long as the mood is peaceful and comfortable.

A bedroom is more than a place for sleeping. It is a sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life. Bedrooms are regarded as private domains, faithful reflections of their occupants. The whole function of the bedroom has been going through changes. It has become the ultimate retreat, a place where we can not only rest but also multitask. Read more »

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Adison Norland Furniture

At Adison Norland, Acadiana’s only contemporary furniture store, imagination and function combine seamlessly to create a unique and pleasant approach to any design project—business or residential. Adison Norland is committed to providing a wide selection of contemporary furniture and accessories to fit any budget. They understand and value the need for functional designs to fit your modern lifestyle. As such, Adison Norland offers a range of products with a focus on clean lines, low maintenance, and clever storage options. Finally, you don’t have to travel far to find something different for your space! Read more »

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Google a company named HomeCare and generally the only results you will get involve “home health care.” I am not sure why this happens, since the keywords typed in have nothing to do with health. It took several tries to finally find,the real web site in question. However, once found, this writer made sure to bookmark it for future use. HomeCare of Baton Rouge is a renovation/remodeling/everything-under-the-sun company. Read more »

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The Crab Trap

If it were physically possible, seafood would show up in Louie Lipps’ blood. Without a doubt, it is in his upbringing. Those unfamiliar with his Crab Trap in Frenier may know of or have heard tales about Frank and Rita’s Mama Lou’s Seafood Restaurant in Little Woods. Lipps’ dad owned the place from 1962 to 1965. It was over the water, about 250 feet from the railroad tracks, and it was notorious as much for its food as for its party rentals. Read more »