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y Felicia C. Sullivan, EIC/Founder Small Spiral Notebook, is an online literary and arts venture that showcases luminous poetry, prose, art, photography and reviews. A voracious love of literature and a spiritual influence shape this playful literary journal. In addition to poetry, prose & art, Small Spiral Notebook conducts interviews with acclaimed artists and important figures in the literature and arts community and offers a forum for readers to find the latest and greatest in the arts scene. Our past contributors have placed stories in The New Yorker, North American Review, The New York Times, Ploughshares, among other esteemed publications. We have interviewed Nicole Krauss, Victoria Redel, Ken Foster, Cynthia von Buhler, among many esteemed novelists & artists. The journal originally evolved from a sense of frustration. Battling the politics that is the world of publishing, I consistently saw great writers (friends and peers) struggling to get published. I met people that did not tote MFAs from tier one universities, did not read Proust for leisure but could bang out amazing poems; people that some in the esoteric community would scoff. I sought to make art accessible to the online community. Although we are highly selective in the works that we publish, we place a focus on featuring new talent in every issue. Our first issue crept on the web with friendly autumn colors and a small amount of work that I personally recruited. Within months, word of mouth led to higher readership and many were impressed with our efforts. As the months progressed, we experimented with more sophisticated design and elicited work from prestigious artists. Spirituality and the evolution of clarity and focus in my own life – the drive to make my world simple and playful led to the creation of “Mind & Spirit” – a feature on Small Spiral Notebook that celebrates the individual journeys albeit physical or mental. Yoga studio profiles, resolutions, new outlooks on life have been some of our past themes. Our Autumn 2002 issue is perhaps our best to date. Celebrating a year of online publication, accolades from editors, writers, friends, colleagues and the CLMP, Small Spiral steps into fall with a focus of clarity and reflection. We have provided a special Commemorative 9/11/01 Reflection section: as well as an abundance of wonderful works. Once a little journal with a small voice, I firmly believe that Small Spiral Notebookis free of pretension, free of politics and void of egotism. A small group of friends whose affection for literature and community inspired what I believe to be a premiere and beautiful publication.

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